Conference Announcements


Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2018

Tue, 10 Apr 2018 – Fri, 13 Apr 2018

The Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2018 will take place over four days between Tuesday 10 April and Friday 13 April and will be held at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Birmingham, UK.
The Society’s Annual Conference attracts over 1,400 attendees for the UK’s largest annual gathering of microbiologists and you can see what took place at our 2017 conference on YouTube.
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Main symposia
Microbial metal homeostasis: impacts on pathogenicity
The games microbes play: competition, conflict and cooperation in microbiology
Cool tools for microbial imaging
Emerging model systems
The magic of mushrooms in nature and industry
Models for understanding host–pathogen interactions
Synthetic Ecology: from understanding ecological interactions to designing functional microbial communities
Community interactions and the living host
Escherichia coli: The model microbe
Microbial diversity and interactions in the environment
Bacterial zoonoses: ecology, epidemiology and evolution
DNA repair
Breaking bad: factors affecting the commensal to pathogen switch
The global virome – the scope, causes and consequences of viral diversity
The battle for the ribosome – how viruses manipulate host translation
Teaching microbiology in Higher Education
Clinical Virology Network
Teaching microbiology in Higher Education symposium
The Professional Development Committee are delighted to present a symposium on teaching microbiology in higher education. This half-day interactive symposium will bring delegates together to discuss innovative teaching practices, including the opportunity to share lessons learned. There will also be a chance to discuss the impact of the implementation of the Teaching Excellence Framework on lecturers, and also HEA fellowship and degree accreditation. This will be a great opportunity for those teaching in higher education environments to come together to share best practices and form a network to learn from each other.

International Conference Centre (ICC), Birmingham

Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EA,
Birmingham, Birmingham
United Kingdom