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Strategic Workshop on Imaging Subcellular to Cellular Cancer Biology

Thu, 05 Apr 2018 – Fri, 06 Apr 2018

Substantial improvements in resolution and quantitative imaging techniques have enabled basic discovery research for monitoring of dynamic biological processes at the cellular to subcellular scale. The purpose of this strategic workshop is to identify the needs, opportunities and impediments in applying new and transformational imaging technologies to address fundamental cancer cell biology questions. The workshop will be interdisciplinary by design, at the interface between biophysics, biomedical engineering and cancer cell biology. Over the course of two days, numerous nano-to-micro scale imaging modalities, such as super-resolution nanoscopy, hyperspectral imaging, cryo-EM, photoacoustic microscopy, single molecule tracking, and 3D force imaging, will be featured to develop a multiscale perspective of cancer. Active discussions will prompt participants to examine the interactions that link molecular structure, cellular organization-composition and (dys) function in cancer processes. The outcome of the workshop will be a more cohesive strategy for bringing in high quality imaging approaches to examine basic cancer biology.

The deadline for Abstract Submission for Poster Presentation is March 12.

National Cancer Institute and American Society for Cell Biology
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