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NSCL 2018

15. Nordic Symposium on Children's Languages 

Wed, 23 May 2018 – Thu, 24 May 2018

Center for Language and Learning, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark, arranges the 15th Nordic Symposium on Children's Languages, which will be held at SDU on 23rd-24th. May 2018. Nordic Symposium on Children's Languages is held every other year in one of the Nordic countries. Symposium is an interdisciplinary meeting place for researchers and practitioners in (audio) logopedia, linguistics, psychology and others with an interest in children's language. The theme of this symposium will be learning in school. The following areas will include: be treated:


  • relationships between the child's linguistic development in preschool age and later writing / reading and learning at school
  • language difficulties for writing / reading and learning at school
  • bilingual children's language / literacy
  • deaf and hearing impaired children's language / literacy 

Invited plenary speakers

Birgitta Sahlén , Lund University, Sweden: "Communicative and linguistic development in children with hearing loss - in a Nordic perspective.

Vibeke Grøver , University of Oslo, Norway: "" Bilingual (minority language) children in kindergartens - in a Nordic perspective ".

Carsten Elbro , University of Copenhagen, Denmark: "Known and less familiar linguistic prerequisites for reading - in a Nordic perspective".


Center for Language and Learning, Department of Language and Communication, University of Southern Denmark.   
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