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XXI Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology

Sun, 25 Aug 2019 – Fri, 30 Aug 2019

The IAAP was founded in 1955 by a group of analysts who were close to C. G. Jung.  While several groups or societies had been formed earlier, there was no international body that could oversee the growing interest in Jung’s system of depth psychology, maintain standards of training and insure the ethical practice of analytical psychology. 

The IAAP addresses these objectives, in part, by organizing a regular triennial international congress and offering assistance to various regional and professional meetings. In addition to overseeing and financing the publication of the Congress Proceedings, the IAAP supports relevant research projects, and promotes the translation and dissemination of important contributions to the Jungian literature. As part of its mission to promote analytical psychology worldwide, the IAAP actively encourages the formation of Developing Groups in countries and regions without existing IAAP Groups and furthers their progress by organizing local courses and conferences, by supporting the growth of their libraries, and by assisting in ways that foster their integration into the larger community.

International Association for Analytical Psychology
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