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Economic developments and Techical Advancement in Magnetics Markets and Technologies

Wed, 23 Jan 2019 – Thu, 24 Jan 2019



MAGNETICS 2019 is a two-day conference is a leading global event focused on the latest economic developments and technical advancements in magnetics markets and technologies bringing together worldwide magnetics experts. This is a once-a-year opportunity for professionals involved in magnetics technologies to learn the latest advancements in magnetic applications, technology and materials as well as global issues of supply, demand and pricing of magnetic materials.


MAGNETICS 2019 offers attendees and exhibitors an unparalleled opportunity to network.   We are making available our proprietary 1×1 Meeting platform, which is used in hundreds of events each year.  This allows you to see everyone else who wants to take part.  You can search by profile category, and find exactly the people or companies you want to meet.   Invite them to a meeting, and if they accept, you will enjoy 30 minutes of uninterrupted conversation at a specific time and location.   This is how networking is done at the best conferences, and your time with us will be really well spent.


Who should attend



– End Users: Design engineers, system engineers and OEM developers of products that utilize magnets, magnet systems and magnetic materials. Engineers and technologists involved in EMI/EMC technology, shielding and magnetic effects.

– Suppliers of magnets and magnetic materials. Manufacturers and suppliers of magnetics test equipment and testing services. Manufacturers of magnetic assemblies and components. Suppliers of specialized equipment, materials and supplies used in magnetics manufacturing and assembly.

– Research engineers in academia and at insitutions


Management Executives

– purchasing

– design and products development

– sales and marketing


Industry Consultants and Finance Executives

– Bankers and private equity

– Venture Capital professionals

– Business and strategy consultants



Economic developments and Techical Advancement in Magnetics Markets and Technologies
Conference Website:
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando

5780 Major Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA
Orlando, Orlando
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