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The Mistletoe in Tumor Therapy Interdisciplinary Mistletoe Symposium

Thu, 07 Nov 2019 – Sat, 09 Nov 2019

With the announced seventh mistletoe symposium  , a series of mistletoe symposia will continue, taking place approximately every four years. Here, scientists and physicians should come together to present and discuss current results from pharmacy and medicine, research and clinical practice, in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the current state of scientific knowledge on "mistletoe in tumor therapy". On this basis, the use of mistletoe preparations can be further developed, their possibilities and limitations can be recognized. This interdisciplinary dialogue, beyond the boundaries of therapeutic directions, is important. The organizers would like to invite you to do this.
The main topic in the clinical part of the mistletoe symposium is the current state of knowledge on the therapy of a currently selected tumor entity. Both conventional oncology and the contribution of mistletoe in the treatment of this disease are presented.
For scientific contributions (short presentations and posters ) to the following topics or questions that are of central importance for mistletoe therapy and its scientific work:
Proper standardization, assurance of pharmaceutical quality, analysis
Characterization of the effect profile of individual substances; Total extract vs. individual substances
Type of dosage (standardized vs. individual) and therapeutic range
Influence of the type of application on the spectrum of action
Analysis of side effects in terms of effects and efficacy; Type and frequency of adverse drug reactions
Indication for epithelial tumors and haematological malignancies
Immune parameters before and during mistletoe therapy; immune status
Is it possible to draw conclusions about the tumor defense from the biological reactions observed during mistletoe therapy?
Influencing metastasis by mistletoe therapy
Which course parameters are suitable for controlling mistletoe therapy?
What are the objective criteria for proof of effectiveness?
What clinical trials will be needed in the future for mistletoe?
Importance of health services research for issues such as outcome and tolerability / safety
Regulatory topics
Pharmaco-economic topics
The organizers want to understand the mistletoe symposia as an integrative element in oncology. More than half of all tumor patients in German-speaking countries use mistletoe preparations as part of their therapy on the basis of medical prescriptions. Therefore, it is important to get to know the therapeutic possibilities of this medicinal plant and its ingredients even better and thus make it usable for the patients and their tumor therapy. The aim is to build bridges between therapeutic directions, between pharmacy and medicine, between basic research and application, and especially between conventional and complementary oncology. Therefore, the mistletoe symposia are organized by numerous medical and pharmaceutical societies together with the Karl and Veronica Carstens Foundation (see announcement ). In addition, the aim is for scientific societies and representatives of both complementary and conventional oncology to deal with questions and studies on the safe and reliable use of mistletoe in tumor therapy in the context of mistletoe symposia.

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