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The 27th European Conference on Information Systems

Sat, 08 Jun 2019 – Fri, 14 Jun 2019

The conference theme of ECIS2019 is Information Systems for a Sharing Society. A Sharing Society enables the advanced development of digital information technologies. Governments, organizations, and individuals have gained new capabilities and opportunities for sharing data, information, and knowledge in the world gone digital. The sharing activities bring the new possibility for governments to build an eco-social system for meeting citizens' essential needs; these create new waves of competition among businesses for creating new digital business designs and ways to manage customer relationships; these also enhance people's power in controlling their lives in the digital society. However, a Sharing Society triggers emerging challenges and issues that need to be adequately addressed. The continuous evolution of a Sharing Society significantly influences the efficient and effective use of information systems and advanced digital technologies. These are important to study from multiple perspectives. In addition to the conference theme, ECIS2019 hopes to attract a range of traditional track themes that have been at the heart of the IS community in Europe, as well as tracks covering new emergent themes. The aim of the ECIS 2019 will be to form a meeting place for people in the IS field to discuss fundamental and innovative issues related to Information Systems.

 Stockholm University
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