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CLIC 2018

2018 CLIC Conference: Assessing Speaking in Context - New Trends

Fri, 04 May 2018 – Sat, 05 May 2018

Several strands of research on second language acquisition/development have recently focused on the complex environment of interactional dynamics of language use in properly contextualized situations of language use (Brouwer, 2013; Hall, Hellermann & Pekarek Doehler, 2011; Kasper & Wagner, 2014). At the same time, many institutions have begun to integrate those research findings into teaching practices aimed at improving learners’ interactional competence (Barraja-Rohan, 2011; Sert, 2015). Inasmuch as these trends are very promising toward the development of a comprehensive and ecologically valid definition of language use, it is becoming clear that both researchers and teachers need to design assessment materials and procedures that

1. reflect research findings about language use in context,
2. incorporate sound pedagogical practices to prepare learners for those types of assessment, and
3. can be implemented considering the obvious logistical challenges of such an ambitious pedagogical and assessment task.

The Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (CLIC) at Rice University is pleased to invite proposals for the 2018 CLIC Conference on Assessing Speaking in Context: New Trends.


The conference will take place at Rice University in Houston, TX.

Keynote speakers

Carsten Roever  -  University of Melbourne

Steven Ross -  University of Maryland


This conference will bring together researchers and teachers who have conducted research on various aspects of the assessment of speaking competence in a second language in a variety of contexts. The goals of the meetings and discussions during this two-day event are to:

  1. assess the relevance and impact of previous ideas, models and practices about the assessment of speaking abilities and propose, describe and
  2. propose, describe, and justify newproposals stemming from new theoretical perspectives and innovative practices on the topics of assessment and speaking in context.

We welcome proposals from all theoretical perspectives and a variety of methodological procedures.


Proposals should be submitted by email to no later than January 20, 2018. All proposals should include a title and an abstract (max. 500 words) and a list of the references cited if applicable. Please include your name, affiliation, and contact information in the body of the email. Please also indicate whether you would prefer to present a paper or a poster (and please note that you may be asked to present either).


Proposals will be evaluated according to:

  • The relevance of the Research questions,
  • The data/findings used to ascertain those questions,
  • The argument/theoretical proposal to frame the findings, and
  • The implications the study may have for future research on the general topic.

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